Kalua Pork & Cabbage Recipe

What is Kalua Pork? Kālua is a Hawaiian word referring to cooking in an underground oven or Hawaiian “imu”. This is a very traditional method which involves digging a large pit into the ground, lining it with hot lava rocks and banana or ti leaves to help insulate and steam the pig. Once the pig

Healthy Vietnamese Bun (boon) Recipe

Vietnamese food is one of my favorite cuisines for many reasons, not only because I am Vietnamese. In Vietnam, meals served in the home are very balanced: meat, vegetables and rice, sometimes soup on the side with more greens in it. This is breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are lots of different varieties of dishes

Healthy Granola in One Pan

Packed with nutrients from each ingredient, this healthy granola recipe will become a staple in your kitchen too. We use it as a topping for acai bowls, yogurt and the occasional ice cream. You can eat it on its own as well. I incorporate this healthy granola recipe into our weekly menu because each ingredient

Acai Bowl Recipe – Nutrient Rich Breakfast

The first time I had an acai bowl was in Hawaii. It was delicious and topped with fresh pineapple, mangoes, granola and blueberries. I felt great after eating it, despite the humid and hot tropical morning. Unlike a diner breakfast, I felt refreshed and full of energy. I was ready to continue the vacation day