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The hunt for the best mascara ends with B & C Lab Brow Lash Ex Volume & Curl Mascara! This washable, water-resistant mascara will give you bright, wide eyes created by curled lashes with volume. This is a Japanese make-up brand and I bought it at my local Japanese market.  In the excitement of my new purchase, I recycled the packaging before taking a picture. That will come when I restock in a couple months.


How did I discover this brand product?

Over the last 10 years, I experimented with many American mascaras on my somewhat stubborn Asian eyelashes. The results were always the same:

  1. Racoon eyes by 2pm.
  2. Too much wax in the formula weighs down my curled eyelashes.
  3. Clumpy volume formulas.

The only brand that did not do that to me was MaxFactor 2000 Calorie mascara. Of course, like all cult products, it was discontinued! That left me to waste lots of money on mascara at Sephora, department and drugstores trying to find a replacement. None were half as good.

While at a large Japanese market nearby, I noticed they had a whole wall of dedicated mascaras and eyeliners. The mascaras took up 90% of this space and that got me curious about Japanese mascaras. All the packaging is written in Japanese. The only words in English are the ingredients and the importer’s information. I figured, at least I knew what was in it, being the obsessive label reader that I am. A nice old lady happily translated some of the packages for me.

Why did I choose this one?

I’ve become quite familiar with mascara ingredients and learned over the years which ones to avoid. This mascara does not contain Isododecane – a volatile solvent that makes the mascara waterproof, sweatproof, and tearproof. This is a 1 on EWG’s list. This is what makes waterproof mascara so difficult to get off and why you need an oil based eye make-up remover to get it off. In the process of getting it off, people tend to rub hard and create premature wrinkles around the delicate eye area.

Instead, this mascara simple washes off in warm water with my regular face wash. This is the latest beauty technology in Asian cosmetics: tube mascara. When you apply it, the formula dries like a tube around your lashes. It is not stiff and does not dry out my lashes. I think holds the curl because the formula tightens up a little when it dries. The great points on this mascara:

  1. No smudges or racoon eyes.
  2. The formula is perfect texture and thickness with a little bit of fibers to lengthen and add volume. My lashes do look fuller.
  3. Washes off very easily: face wash and warm water.
  4. Lashes do not feel stiff and do not break off from being dry.
  5. Resists those humid days at the beach. Lashes stayed curled and no smudging.


As you can see, the formula is not thick or clumpy. The wand is thinner than regular wands, perfect for my small Asian eyes. The brush is curved with short and long bristles.


The longer bristles are on the top of the curve. I use this first on the top lashes. Then I go through the bottom lashes with the shorter bristles. I redip into the tube and go over all my lashes a second time to get the full look. I like big doll eyes and eyelashes.

Here are my before and after pictures:

Eyelashes are not curled yet.


Curled lashes, no mascara.
Curled lashes, no mascara.


2-3 coats of BCL Browlash EX Volume & Curl mascara.

I’m working on an online retailer for this particular tube. Let me know if you are interested and I will pass it on when I find it.

So far, this is the closest option:

This is from Hong Kong based online retailer who specializes in hard to find Asian cosmetics. They offer free shipping internationally and a variety of ways to pay. I have not purchased from them personally, but I have read from other bloggers they are great.

In the meantime, I’m happy to pick it up and ship it to you too! I figure, let’s keep them popular so they don’t stop making this great product. Send me a note through the contact form.

Comment if you have tried this mascara or have any favorites you want to share.



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